Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enter The Dragon

You don't need an introduction for this weekend's movie. This is Bruce Lee, people. Come on!

Anyway...for the ones who need information about this movie ---> Enter The Dragon

And here's the 1973 trailer:

Get the movie here ---> Enter The Dragon
(it's got English subtitles)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Open Up: Whatcha Gonna Do For The Rest Of Your Life?

I think it was sometime in 1991 when I first listened to The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. I was introduced to this bar in Athens named Blue Velvet...can a person be introduced to a bar?...anyway...I don't think the people who brought me over there did so for the music but the owner of the place was playing some great tracks. I also listened to Chico Hamilton that night for the first time as well as the great Mongo Santamaria. The selections were all beautiful. A short while later I flew to London for work for a few days. Besides meeting people for work the only place I visited was a huge record store across the street from my hotel. This was the first cd I picked out. Of course I bought a ton of other cd's which I will share with you in due time. Bye for now. :o)

Album: Open Up: Whatcha Gonna Do For The Rest Of Your Life?
Year: 1991
Label: Sony

Track List & Personnel:

Low quality sample


Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Outsiders

This weekend's movie is Francis Ford Coppola's The Outsiders.
Unfortunately all the trailers I've found on youtube sucked big time so I won't post any.

Here goes it ---> The Outsiders
P.S. This one has no subtitles

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So Tonight That I Might See

Thanks to the fluke hit "Fade Into You" — one of the better beneficiaries of alt-rock's radio prominence in the early '90s, a gentle descent of a lead melody accompanied by piano, a steady beat, and above all else, Hope Sandoval's lovely lead vocal — Mazzy Star's second album became something of a commercial success. All without changing much at all from where the band was before — David Roback oversaw all the production, the core emphasis remained a nexus point between country, folk, psych, and classic rock all shrouded in mystery, and Sandoval's trademark drowsy drawl remained swathed in echo. But grand as She Hangs Brightly was, So Tonight That I Might See remains the group's undisputed high point, mixing in plenty of variety among its tracks without losing sight of what made the group so special to begin with. Though many songs work with full arrangements like "Fade Into You," a thick but never once overpowering combination, two heavily stripped-down songs demonstrate in different ways how Mazzy Star makes a virtue out of simplicity. "Mary of Silence" is an organ-led slow shuffle that easily ranks with the best of the Doors, strung-out and captivating all at once, Sandoval's singing and Roback's careful acid soloing perfect foils. "Wasted," meanwhile, revisits a classic blues riff slowed down to near-soporific levels, but the snarling crunch of Roback's guitar works wonders against Sandoval's vocals, a careful balance that holds. If there's a left-field standout, then unquestionably it's "Five String Serenade." A cover of an Arthur Lee song — for once not a Love-era number, but a then-recent effort — Roback's delicate acoustic guitar effortlessly brings out its simple beauty. Tambourine and violin add just enough to the arrangement here and there, and Sandoval's calm singing makes for the icing on the cake.

~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

Artist: Mazzy Star
Title: So Tonight That I Might See
Year: 1993
Label: Capitol Records

Hope Sandoval: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Jason Yates: Bass
Keith Mitchell: Drums
David Roback: Guitar
William Cooper: Strings

Track List:

  1. Fade Into You
  2. Bells Ring
  3. Mary Of Silence
  4. Five String Serenade
  5. Blue Light
  6. She's My Baby
  7. Unreflected
  8. Wasted
  9. Into Dust
  10. So Tonight That I Might See

Low Quality Sample

mp3 @ 320:

Monday, November 16, 2009


While DJ Vadim -- another European hip-hop mixer whose career began on the same trajectory -- pursued breakbeat hip-hop into the realm of heavily American/underground rap, the production work of Frenchman DJ Cam has become much smoother and closer in sound and execution to the British acid jazz scene. Soulshine is his smoothest record yet, opening with a breezy jazz dancer ("Summer in Paris") with a live band sporting a crossover groove while vocalist Anggun enthuses about the unique Parisian vibes. Cam also cultivates his American R&B connection, drafting Cameo's Larry Blackmon and Nathan Leftenant for a serviceable Roy Ayers impression, while "Condor (Espionage)" features Guru (aka Baldhead Slick) relaxing over a live cut. For DJ Cam, musical maturity seems to mean arrangements utilizing a live band, and though Soulshine has them throughout, there's much less of innovation happening here than on his early work. Two tracks that work are the pair of realhip-hop tracks: "Bounce" and "Voodoo Child," the latter a tough remix by DJ Premier with Afu Ra on vocals.
~ John Bush, All Music Guide.

Artist: DJ Cam
Album: Soulshine
Year: 1992
Label: Inflamable Records

Track List:

  1. Summer In Paris Starring Anggun
  2. Welcome To Soulshine
  3. Love Junkee Starring Cameo
  4. For Aaliyah
  5. Condor (Espionage) Starring Baldhead Slick
  6. To Be Continued
  7. Child's Play Strring Filet Of Soul
  8. The Show
  9. Bounce
  10. Soulshine Starring Inlove
  11. 3/4 Interlude
  12. He's Gone Starring China
  13. Afu Ra Interlude
  14. Voodoo Child Starring Afu Ra (DJ Premier Remix)
  15. Elevation Starring Donnie
  16. He's Gone Kid Loco Remix (Japan Bonus Track)

Low quality sample:

mp3 @ 320:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

All That Jazz

Well...I decided to post some movies along with all the music. The original idea was to post one movie every weekend. This is the first one I'm posting. It's in AVI format and it has English subtitles in case you want to watch it in silent mode...although I wouldn't recommend it because it's a musical. :P
I'm not big on writing reviews so I would rather play you a little video of this particular movie. Ok? Ok! :0)

For information about this movie you can go here:

Get the movie here ---> ALL THAT JAZZ

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Khomsa is the heroine in the movie Bezness, and also inspires one of many musical themes from Tunisian films and theater documented on this CD. Oud player Anouar Brahem has performed these pieces across a decade with different ensembles, but for the first time they were recorded in one studio setting. The instrumentation varies in size and de-emphasizes Brahem's role as a frontman. In fact, upon listening, this could just as easily be credited under the direction of the brilliant accordionist Richard Galliano, for his role is heard more often as the lead instrument. The musicians combine here and there with the dynamic ECM signature rhythm team of bassist Palle Danielsson and drummer Jon Christensen, or in certain instances pianist François Couturier, violinist Bechir Selmi, and on rare occasion soprano saxophonist Jean Marc Larché. The themes are luxurious, rich, beautiful, and organic, with no wasted motion or excesses, and there is a feeling of being on a journey. Galliano's solo "Comme un Depart," the solo oud of Brahem in "L'Infini Jour," and Selmi's "Regard de Mouette" get the caravan slowly started. "Claquent les Voiles" sports Brahem's mysterious Middle Eastern lines and chords with the masterful bassist and drummer, while "Vague" is hymnal in Galliano's ability to stretch long tied notes with his bellows. Couturier is a delicate stylist, matching theological timbres on "Vague," and working in tandem with Brahem during "Seule" and on the light 6/8 rhythm of "Nouvelle Vague" with Galliano. He also plays a little synthesizer, specifically during the circular "Un Sentier d'Alliance" aside overdubbed echoed piano and soprano sax. Most of the collective play on "Ain Ghazel," a sensitive and sensual musical sketch, features contrasting soprano sax from Larché, atypically animated drumming by Christensen, and Brahem's pensive oud as the period on a sentence. "Souffle un Vent de Sable" shows a group design in breathing, balanced tones led by Galliano, and Brahem coming in after the fact with the bass and drums. The title track displays a unified whole in the ECM spirit with Brahem, Galliano, Couturier, and Danielsson. Closest to jazz is "Des Rayons et des Ombres," a fast trio number with Galliano and the rhythm section approaching bop. "Comme une Absence" concludes the project with two overdubbed violin tracks from Selmi. The buyer should be aware that the personnel listed on the booklet cover does not reflect the entire combo at any one time. Otherwise, this is a beautiful contemporary statement reflecting the cinematic forms Brahem loves, mixed with European classical and improvisational sensibilities, professionally rendered, and well within the tradition of world jazz and the clean ECM concept.

~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide.

Album: Khomsa
Year: 1994
Label: ECM

Anouar Brahem: Oud
Richard Galliano: Accordion
François Couturier: Piano, Synthesizer
Jean Marc Larché: SopranonSaxophone
Béchir Selmi: Violin
Palle Danielsson: Double Bass
Jon Christensen: Drums

Track List:

  1. Comme Un Depart
  2. L'Infini Jour
  3. Souffle Un Vent De Sable
  4. Regard De Mouette
  5. Sur L'Infini Bleu
  6. Claquent Les Voiles
  7. Vague
  8. E La Nave Va
  9. Ain Ghazel
  10. Khomsa
  11. Seule
  12. Nouvelle Vague
  13. En Robe D'Olivier
  14. Des Raysons Et Des Ombres
  15. Un Sentier D'Alliance
  16. Comme Une Absence

Low quality sample:

mp3 @ 320:

Friday, November 06, 2009

Jazz 'Round Midnight

Joining her equally stunning Compact Jazz entry, Sarah Vaughan's Jazz 'Round Midnight disc makes for a very fine introduction to the singer's extensive catalog. As is the case with the entire 'Round Midnight series, the emphasis here is on the ballad-heavy, after-hours end of the spectrum, which Vaughan handled with the utmost class and skill. The 15 tracks mostly cover her prime '50s and '60s sessions, including combo, strings, and big band dates featuring Clifford Brown, Cannonball Adderley, J.J. Johnson, and top-notch arrangers like Ernie Wilkins and Thad Jones. So, turn down the lights, pour the Remy Martin, and enjoy.

~ Stephen Cook, All Music Guide.

Album: Jazz 'Round Midnight
Year: 1992
Label: Verve

Since this is a compilation the personnel differs in each song. If you want that info perhaps you should buy the CD. :o)

Track List:

  1. April In Paris
  2. Lover Man (1954 Version)
  3. I Won't Say I Will But I Won't Say I Won't
  4. I'm Glad There Is You
  5. Prelude To A Kiss
  6. Jim
  7. My Man (Mon Homme)
  8. I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
  9. It's Easy To Remember
  10. But Not For Me
  11. Darn That Dream
  12. I'll Never Smile Again
  13. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  14. September Song
  15. Over The Rainbow

Low quality sample:

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Scratch The Upsetters Again

A terrific reissue of two early-'70s Perry masterworks, Scratch the Upsetters Again and Eastwood Rides Again. The inclusion of the latter is especially significant, for upon its release in 1970 it was considered too outside for mainstream reggae tastes, as it was one of the first attempts by Perry to use dub remixing to explore the outer limits of sound. Compared to some of the work he would release years later, it sounds positively tame. However, despite the understated quality of this release, it's in many ways quintessential Perry in its representation of Perry's significant production skills. If it's way-out, total space vibe you're looking for, these 26 tracks won't offer you enough meat. But if it's quality skank you want, where the riddims are tuff, the playing is cool and slick, and the production is flawless, you won't want to go another day without owning this. Worth it just to hear Dave Barker's great version of the Shirelles' "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow".

~ John Dougan, All Music Guide

Album: Scratch The Upsetters Again
Year: 1995
Label: Trojan

The instrumentation on these two albums was more than likely provided by the classic Upsetters line-up of Glen Adams on keyboards, Aston 'Family Man' Barrett on bass, his brother Carlton Barrett on drums and alva 'Reggie' Lewis on rhythm and lead guitar, although it is possible other musicians, such as Winston Wright (organ), Gladstone Anderson (piano), Jackie Jackson (bass), and Hugh Malcom (drums) are featured on some of these sides. Among the handful of vocal tracks is Dave Barker's upbeat version of the Shirelles' "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" and Val Bennett's stomping "Baby Baby", which in fact was recorded some two years earlier, before the advent of Reggae.
~ Lord Laru 1995

Track List:
  1. Bad Tooth
  2. Dentist
  3. Out Of Space
  4. One Punch
  5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
  6. Take One
  7. Soul Walk
  8. I Want To Thank You
  9. Mule Train
  10. Touch Of Fire
  11. She Is Gone Again
  12. The Result
  13. Eastwood Rides Again
  14. Hit Me
  15. Knock On Wood
  16. Popcorn
  17. Catch This
  18. You Are Adorable
  19. Capsol
  20. Power Pack
  21. Dollar In My Teeth
  22. Baby Baby
  23. DJango (Old Man River)
  24. Red Hot
  25. Salt And Pepper
  26. Tight Spot

Low quality sample