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The follow-up to Krush's excellent Meiso was a slightly more unusual affair, consisting of a series of collaborative pieces throughout, with only one or two exceptions, and with each particular guest bookending their respective track with a brief reflection on what the future of the world will hold. The results are a touch mixed but still a fairly good effort, as always with Krush's brand of jazz-tinged, heavy, druggy breakbeats and scratches at the center of things. His style remains pure and fierce, if anything becoming even more effectively unnerving and atmospheric with time, as the lovely blend of nature sounds and keyboards on "Jugoya" shows. The first collaboration, "Shin-Sekai", also demonstrates this perfectly; fellow Japanese musician Rino lays down a pretty fierce rap while Krush's blend of shuffling but hard-hitting drums and mysterious tones -- pianos, sighing electric guitar, and other strange moans in the mix -- carry everything before it. Producer Shawn J. Period throws in a lot of additional music, subtly but with great effect, like a strange haunted house, on "Listen", while DJ Cam, in an echo of Meiso's DJ Shadows tradeoff "Duality", jams with Krush to create the slamming mini-duel "Le Temps". Guest MCs this time include Tragedy and partner Stash, laying down a harrowing and saddening tale of crime and it's consequences on the hard-hitting "Real", while cult figure Mos Def spins his usual magic on the quietly chaotic salute to Japanese hip-hoppers, "Shinjiro". One of the most inspired moves comes at the end: a cover of John Lennon's "Mind Games", with guest singer Eri Ohno giving it a good soul revamp over the steady, big-impact rhythms.

~ Ned Ragget, All Music Guide.

Artist: DJ Krush
Album: Milight
Year: 1997
Label: Mo' Wax

Personnel and other info:
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  1. Intro
  2. From Rino
  3. Shin-Sekai (with Rino)
  4. Jikan No Hashi 1
  5. From Stash
  6. Real (with Tragedy)
  7. From Tragedy
  8. Jugoya
  9. Listen (with Shawn J. Period)
  10. From Shawn J. Period
  11. Supanova (with Finsta Bundy)
  12. From Finsta Bundy
  13. Jikan No Hashi 2
  14. From DJ Cam
  15. Le Temps (with DJ Cam)
  16. From Kemuri Production
  17. Hitotsu No Mirai (with Kemuri Production)
  18. From Futura 2000
  19. From DJ Krush
  20. Jikan No Hashi 3
  21. From Lee Q.
  22. From Mos Def
  23. Shinjiro (with Mos Def)
  24. From Ken_Duro_Ifill
  25. Light (CanYou See It) (with Ken_DuroIfill)
  26. Mind Games (with Eri Ohno)
  27. From Eri Ohno
  28. Skin Against Skin (with Deborah Anderson)

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